Infusing pitcher - Bloom
2 liters/ 72oz

It is a large 2 liter pitcher that will hold enough volume to host a family dinner or meet one adult’s daily water intake to stay hydrated and healthy.

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Infusing bottle - Harvey
.95 liters / 32oz

It includes an infusing basket that once loaded with the infusion of your choice can be reused multiple times over several days as long as it is kept refrigerated.

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Infusing bottle - Fielding
.57 liters / 19oz

It is a double wall bottle, so no dripping on the side due to condensation. You can use for cold or warm beverages. This compact water bottle is easy to carry and good to hold.

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Infuses water with your favorite fruits

Infuses water with your favorite vegetables

You can create unlimited amount of combinations

Improves feasibility to drink more water

Drinking adequate amount of water keep you healthier

Can infuse ice tea with favorite fruits

Eye catching attractive design

Can reuse same fruit (with refrigeration) many time over.

Environment friendly product