my pH PRO

Monitoring of pH is important in many aspects of our daily life. This activity does no longer have to be restricted to a lab, or professionals.

If you really want to make a point to your kids on how bad a drink may be, show them how acidic it can be in just a few seconds.

These trips have 4 color sensor pads to easily identify the correct pH reading.

We feel this is so important that we are enclosing 2 cases of 100 strips each, so you feel compelled to test and validate pH on various products, liquids, solutions, beverages.


  • Use in labs, industrial, and home.
  • Test products and validate how healthy they are for you.
  • Use FREE app to record readings, take an image of the product and be able to recall it to see and compare results.


Name - my pH PRO
Code – RH156008