my pH

The importance of monitoring your pH on regular basis is an understatement. We are surrounded by temptations in our diet and activities that do not always service our health. By easily monitoring your pH, you can make adjustments on the run, by compensating for a fast food lunch with a healthy salad, and a vegetable soup for dinner, with plenty of water for hydration, and validating by a quick pH test in only 15 seconds. Our strips are made with a double color sensor pads for a more accurate reading.

We feel this is so important that we are enclosing 2 cases of 100 strips each so you can share with your loved ones and really get a chance to make changes quickly and positively to better health.


  • Easy to carry cases, so you can take with you.
  • Test regularly through the day.
  • Use the FREE app to record readings and analyze average pH over different periods.


Name - my pH
Code – RH156007