This infuser is made of BPA Free and durable materials that could help you infuse water naturally with fruits, vegetables and herbs, or in any combination that suits your fancy. It can easily be taken from the refrigerator to your table and look and taste great

It is a large 2 liter pitcher that will hold enough volume to host a family dinner or meet one adult’s daily water intake to stay hydrated and healthy.

It includes an infusing basket that once loaded with the infusion of your choice can be reused multiple times over several days as long as it is kept refrigerated.

It includes an ice core that could be frozen and used to quickly chill your favorite drink instead of ice cubes which helps avoid the dilution of the taste as ice cubes melt.

This pitcher is intended to help you and your family drink more water. It is very important for any diet to be complemented with water. Hydration of the body cannot be replaced by soft drinks or pasteurized juices. The best alternative for a hydrated body is water, and this infuser will boost your metabolism, help you achieve a healthier life style and promote the habit of drinking water regularly.


  • Use this to infuse lemonade with strawberries or herbs of your choice
  • Use this pitcher to infuse ice tea naturally with lemon, strawberries, or any fruits of your choice.

Care Instructions

  • Hand washing is recommended - use mild soap and rinse, no heavy scrubbing is required

  • Name - Bloom
  • Code – RH146001
  • Capacity – 2 liters/ 72oz