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What if you became aware that while following advice that drinking more water , and less sugary drinks to improve your health you may also be harming the environment? If you buy water in disposable plastic bottles, that is exactly what you are doing,

Unconsciously we all know that drinking more water is good for our bodies and health, but we try cover this need with pasteurized juices, soft drinks and sugary drinks. You cannot substitute our bodies need for natural water with drinks that suit your palate and adds unnecessary calories to your body

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Thanks for visiting our site, and we sincerely hope you find the compilation of information we will be posting helpful in creating good habits of rehydrating your body, Yes we are selling products on this site, but we feel are really helpful in getting you and your family to drink more water. We are also aiming at educating convert water drinking friends to ‘Drink Responsibly'?, That is; avoid using single use water bottles- they are really harming our environment. Please feel free to comment on the blogs and give us feedback on the content and products that we market


Did you know that 60%-70% of our body is water?

2.0 liters

Average is the amount our water our body needs to replenish every day

Great Health

Could be regained by changing your diet and drinking more natural water