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Climate Change

I’ve seen a lot of climate changes that affect our daily life. We don’t feel the massive effect as of the moment but the world is slowly changing. One indication is our seasons – We can notice that there are times that the winter lasts longer than before or all of a sudden a perfect sunny day in the morning then of a sudden a heavy rain will fall. This is the slow effect of climate change. It slowly changing our environment. Aside from that, the quality of the air that we breathe is slowly changing did you know that CO2 builds up in the atmosphere and causes Earth’s temperature to rise, much like a blanket traps in heat. This extra trapped heat disrupts many of the interconnected systems in our environment. Climate change might also affect human health by making our air less healthy to breathe. 

That is caused by factories, illegal logging, and the poisoning of our oceans caused by improper waste management – those plastics that end up on the ocean slowly kills marine life. It also affects the trees. Once the plastic has been decomposed near some trees the toxins it has will affect the life of the tree. We must remember that the trees provide us with the air we breathe the quality of the air we breathe will be depending on how we take care of our environment. 

Are you familiar with the ozone layers? The ozone layer or ozone shield is a region of Earth’s stratosphere that absorbs most of the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation. It contains a high concentration of ozone (O3) in relation to other parts of the atmosphere, although still small in relation to other gases in the stratosphere. Or in layman’s terms, This is the protective layers of the earth from the harmful rays of the sun. If you have experienced going to the beach and you forgot to put some sunscreen on your back and you fall asleep after a few hours. Your skin will get burn and it HURTS and it BURNS! I’m sure you know how it feels. Some people even get a fever from sunburns. So Imagine this. You get to go outside your house and the feeling of getting burnt by the sun will be your every day feels. Every time you go out! Imagine getting burned every day. I’m pretty sure you might not want to go out of the shade. Or just imagine not being able to go out because of a hail storm and too much snow from winter. Not being able to go out of the house during those times. 

Imagine needing oxygen masks whenever you go out of the house. We will lose shades if we kill all the trees. We will lose oxygen when we kill the trees. Let’s stop killing trees. It’s very ironic that we cut trees down just do write down on a paper that we need to save them. That’s very ironic. Plus killing the trees will expedite the destruction of our ozone layer that causes a huge part of our climate being destroyed. Longer summer, or longer winter. 

This is a few effects of climate change in our world, Just a few. Imagine if this escalates we might not have a world for our children. Let me remind you that we don’t inherit our world from our ancestors we have borrowed it from our children. Our children need this world too! If you are to remember the world that our ancestors lived in. in the early 1950s to 1960s the world seems to be beautiful that the beach seems to be untouched. Nowadays this earth seems to have a lot of tourist spots around the world. The beach that they have been polluted. The plastic bottles have been floating around the beach. The drainage system is also a problem in some areas. Human waste is also going to the ocean which causes the quality of the water is no longer safe to swim. 

Let’s start saving the earth by doing a simple change. Stop using plastic bottles and switch to reusable water bottles/insulated water bottles. Stop using one-time-use plastics on toiletries. There are options that you can buy an eco-friendly bottle that you can use on refilling them. By doing this simple method we might be able to save the future of our children. 

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