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What is Covid-19? What you should do

As every single person in the World, we are concerned about the current situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), but NOT scared. It is important now more than ever to practice what we preach to our families, colleagues and friends – Compassion, Composure, Courage and Kindness. 

If we follow the protocols of cleaning our hands on a regular basis, keeping our distance and avoiding gatherings while staying hydrated, we will be fine. 

The more susceptible to this virus are the sick, elders and those with a weak immune system. This is the time to think of others and support. Check on the elders in your family, like grandparents, uncles and even your neighbours to see if there is anything they need and remind them to stay away from groups. They will appreciate it very much. 

TIP – It is very important that you stay hydrated to improve and keep your immune system optimized.

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