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Earth’s Future Starts With You

I always remember my grandmother used to tell me stories about her childhood. She and her friends used to hang out by the lake near the local high school. After school, they used to pick up apples and oranges from a farm near-by and go swimming in the lake. As I think about her stories and revisit the places she talked about, I wonder how fast life in her old neighbourhood has changed and how sad she would be on realizing her stories could no longer be verified as the school, the farms, and the lake is no longer there.

How did a healthy lake which supported fish, bird and animal life for several counties is no longer the size it used to be? The lake reduced to a puddle full of brown water and the obvious plastic bottles and trash on the outlines of the quickly disappearing water line. Understand progress is inevitable and we all must adapt, but if we are doing it selfishly where our roots are being destroyed, we have to stop and reassess what the meaning of progress should be. The repercussions of losing a lake should have loud, easy to hear alarms in our personal cores that we are heading in the wrong direction.

The positive stories we are currently creating in our personal lives which will be passed down to our grandkids one day might not include the beautiful beaches, rivers, lakes or waterfalls we are currently experiencing. The forests, animals and even foods we are enjoying now might not be accessible to our grandchildren. We do not need a degree in environmental science to understand that as we live longer and reproduce and we do not take precautions to deal with our trash which takes about 1000 years to decompose, that is heading for trouble. Yes, it takes a single-use bottle this long to decompose and what happens to the by-product is still unknown, but likely consumed by fish, who might eventually end up inside of us.

Plastic for single uses was invented in mid- 1940’s so hypothetically the first bottles discarded to the oceans or lakes are still floating or at the bottom of the sea, and will be there until the year 2945. I know some may think that we will not be presently there by then, or why to worry now, but because of a growing population and exponential growth in plastic uses we are already experiencing the negative effects and will only get worse.

This test is not meant to change your life, we will be happy to just plant a small seed that will grow and expand your curiosity and awareness that you can make a change today.

1)     Commit today no more single-use plastic bottles

2)     Purchase a reusable bottle and help the environment and save money

3)     Use some of the money you are going to save to contribute to a cause that is bringing awareness to climate change.

It is everyone’s responsibility to take action today. Please start with one action and the rest will fall into place. Go to this page and get a 50% off rebate from an insulated double wall water bottle that will keep your drinks hot or cold for over 18 hours. 

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