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Have you done it?

Have you ever wondered what happens to single use plastic bottles floating in our oceans and how long does it take them to decompose? Let me give you an idea. It takes about 1000 years before a single plastic decomposes. Just like you, I was also guilty of buying single-use bottles. They are very accessible to everyone and very convenient to use. You buy them drink from it and throw them away. Easy, right? !

But do you really think that it ends there? NO, IT DOES NOT. Every year there are approximately 8 million metric tons of plastics that enter our ocean on top of the estimated growing 150 million metric tons that currently circulating our oceans. So imagine that one plastic bottle that you throw almost every day affects our marine life we have an estimated 7.7 billion population as of August 2019. So imagine that even if a fraction of the population is throwing ONE SINGLE USE PLASTIC BOTTLE  every day, you have thousands and millions of plastic entering our oceans weekly. How can Mother Nature handle this and how long until it bites us back? What you throw that might end up in our oceans will take about 10 centuries before it decomposes but that is not the end of the bottle; Harmful chemical present in the plastic will be floating in our oceans and eventually swallowed by marine life which suffers and does not thrive as it should.

We are contaminating our oceans, marine life and before we know it future generations will not be able to enjoy our oceans as we have. We will be responsible for leaving trash filled, polluted oceans to our grandchildren and future generations.

Another point about single use water bottles- Do they expire? – If you check carefully you will notice that they do have an expiration date. That expiry that is not for the water- but for the bottle. Once the expiry date is reached the toxins on that bottle will start mixing with the water. Once the bottle has been manufactured from the factory, if not properly washed plastic dust and waste will mix with the packed beverage. Further if the packing factory is located far from the retail stores, it will be further exposed to heat and light that continue to contaminate whatever drink has been packed in the bottles.

Feeling a little guilty or grossed out? Well, that’s natural I felt the same way. So next time instead of buying water or juice in single-use plastic, why not buy a reusable attractive Rehydrate Pro Bottle that will save you money, keep you healthier and paid itself over many times. Simply check how much you are paying for single use water bottle, and multiply it by how many you purchase in a year. By my calculation, I am saving hundreds of dollars and supporting the environment and our future generations while showing off a nice attractive bottle at the same time. Do your math and do your share in helping save our planet and improve our environment.

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