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Ocean of Plastics

What goes to the ocean goes to you.

Do you love to eat sushi? Or fried fish? I love eating fish and sometimes some sushi. I love to travel and look at the beautiful beach. I love to see the fished on the ocean as they swam. Sometimes when you’re lucky you get to swim with a school of fish, some stingray and a whole lot more. I remember when I was a child my parents used to take me to some boat and we always go fishing. I remember catching huge fish that I don’t even know what they are. But they do taste so delicious. Sometimes we go diving and you will see a lot of sea turtles a school of fish is just around the corner. But as years past, the number of fish has been reduced. Those fish who freely swims with you are no longer there. The sea turtles that you used to be amazed at, was not there either. It kills me to see them being perched on the seashore lifeless its mouth is full of plastics. I’m sure you have seen this already. As the years passed the plastics that have been decomposed are consuming our oceans for all we know we will no longer going to be able to see the blue sea and the sunshine. Those fish that we eat are being contaminated and killed by plastics that we use. Did you know that it takes about 1000 years before plastics decompose and the worst thing they go to our marine life? Slowly killing marine animals that lived there. Recently there has been news all over the world that the marine animals that lived deep in the ocean and mostly not seen by humans are being trapped within the shores of the sea.

They are mostly called the monsters of the sea. But why? Why are they being pushed away from their home? Because we are killing their home. They are being pushed to go towards us to and learned to co-exist because we have poisoned their habitat. We have destroyed their home and they are forced to co-exist with humans. But what causes this? We are irresponsible humans who throw plastic around, we always used those most convenient ways. We don’t want to sacrifice a little. We need to remember that we don’t inherit our world from our ancestors instead we have borrowed it from our children. We need to conserve nature, the oceans because we are the last generation who can save the world. It all starts with you. We need to make a difference we need to make a stand against plastic consumption. There are a lot of alternatives that we can do. There have been some business establishments that offer reusable options. It all starts with a simple sacrifice by eliminating plastics from our lives we can make sure that marine life will last longer. We can protect those poor animals from chewing and being poisoned by plastics. We can save the future of our children by taking a stand towards plastic consumption. We need to act now! Before everything is too late.

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